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Dear Viewers,

I believe it’s best to inform you now. This website will be closing down on Thursday, 14th of July, 2016. 

Now… there is a reason as to why this website is closing down. A brand NEW website is on it’s way. I am aiming for a release date of Saturday, 9th of July, 2016. This website has been in the making now for at least 3 weeks.

I am excited to be able to have this transition. I am looking forward to being able to publish this website in the coming days. Just simply go to;

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Saturday, 11th of June (Daily Blog)

I’ll have to be honest in saying that today was a very quiet day! It seemed like a very relaxing day, and not too much really happened.

Preparing for assessments and just finishing off some homework really. I took Pop out for dinner at a really cool restaurant nearby and we both enjoyed the night.


Now…. for Sunday! Lots planned for Sunday.

Friday, 10th of June (Daily Blog)

It seems like it was only yesterday…. well it was! Friday seemed to be quite a smooth running day actually.

I started off the morning with getting the bus to school (as per usual). We went into H/R and then RE in Period 1. We worked on our booklets for the unit we are currently studying, ‘Christianity in the Middle Ages’ which I am finding quite interesting. I had English in Period 2 where we listened to the last few student’s speeches and we went on to learning about adaptation and appropriation. I am really enjoying the Gothic Genre (or Monster Mash) topics in English at the moment.

Periods 3 & 4 saw Information Software Technology (IST) and Math. Both of these lessons were very engaging, where we learnt about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IST. We had a casual teacher, but, I still enjoyed the lesson nevertheless. We had the opportunity of talking to two different Chatbots and being able to see AI in action. For Math, we continued with our probability unit. We looked into more of a ‘practical’ component of this by having to roll the dice a certain amount of times to see which number is coming up more frequently.

…. and with Period 5 – Human Society & It’s Environment (HSIE). We continued on with our topic of WWI and WWII. We looked at strategies used in the specific war times and the class got really engaged when we had the opportunity to watch a number of short films on youtube to see more of a ‘realistic’ view of it all.

The day ended with work.. which I love! I enjoy every minute of work and love being able to see people grow in knowledge each day. Progression is awesome!


What will Saturday bring?


It’s a Miracle!

It’s a Miracle!

The majority of you would be aware that I had a form of Thyroid Cancer. As of Friday, I was suppose to be going into radiation to remove any possible excess cancer that may be around my neck after my surgery. I had a CT Scan today and bloods yesterday to make sure I was ‘safe’ for radiation.

I had received a call not too long ago from the professor I am working with. He explained that he had some exciting news. It seems that the surgeons did an amazing job at my two surgeries and that there is no cancer present – at all – not one bit. This means I am now cancer free!!! The result has been so positive, that the radiation has been cancelled as no further treatment would be required other than just general check ups and taking my daily medication.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers throughout these long months, they were very tough at times, but I got through it! Never felt this happy in a long time!

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Term 1 is over!

Term 1 is over!

It’s hard to imagine how quick the first term of learning has gone, yet it was a good one! I always find an 11 week term that one term that has things ‘jammed all in one’ and is always busy! Boy, was I right!

My term started off with me coming into school a bit earlier taking photographs for the school I attend with the Year 7 students and before you knew it, the school were competing for gold at the College Swimming Carnival at Emerton! Assessments and Classwork were well underway by this time. Mid-term we held the Open Night at the school – and that was a big night! Talking to parents, future students and assisting throughout different areas in the school. Cross Country occured near the end of our term where we saw our athletes running for Gold! Then the national day of bullying came where we all took a stand by wearing a band on our wrists. There were other great things we got to enjoy at school as a year group, such as incursions and excursions. The term wrapped up with a successful spirtuality day in Week 9 which was full of fun, music and humour – but got the important messages across!

I hope that you, too, had the privilege of having a great Term 1 with your school and I look forward to hearing more about it. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and hope you are all looking forward to the new term.


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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for what a great term of learning it has been thus far. Term 1 went quick – but it was long! An 11 week term always goes by quick.

It is still hard to believe what grade some of us in. We may be surprised that we have already reached Year 9, or that you are almost finished Year 12! Just remember to relax these holidays! Study hard, stay committed!


Good luck to those who would be studying for exams or assessments and stay stay to those who are thinking of travelling these holidays.


Happy Holidays! 🙂

It’s Easter!

It’s Easter!

I sit here thinking how fast the year has gone by. I am also feeling effects of Easter. For example, the crucifixion of Jesus.

Easter is a time that can start off very sad and end up with your emotions going more towards the happy side of things, especially when Jesus resurrected.

We held an Easter Liturgy at the school I attend on Thursday. I was delighted by how beautiful the liturgy was. We were also reminded what Jesus went through via a reenactment by a number of senior students at the College. I was reminded the message of Easter, and what it means to us.


On another note – it’s hard to believe that the term is almost over… the term has gone by quick and it has definitely been a good one. I am looking forward to the remainder of the term and what the rest of the year has in plan for us as students.


I wish you all a good break. Have a Joyful and Holy Easter! 🙂